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Today, Santander Bank, NA, is primarily active in the northeastern United States, with 650 offices and deposits of more than $57 billion. It is not a small organization. Here`s how it works: you install an automatic payment on your account for a regular bill – z.B. for your car loan or Internet service. The automatic payment date arrives, the transaction is tried, and the bank refuses to do so. You could say, “Okay, I`m waiting for more money in my account before I try to make that payment.” But Santander will not wait. He will decide, without any request from you, or to warn you, to repeat the transaction for himself. And if the transaction doesn`t pass again, well, you owe another NSF tax. Some banks allow themselves to do so. They put it in the fine print of their filing contracts, pricing plans or other documents.

But Santander`s personal account agreement does not warn you that it will. He doesn`t seem to say anything about NSF`s fees. This account waives the monthly fee for Santander┬« Savings1 or Santander┬« Money Market Savings2. An automatic payment bill is due on your bank account and your bank refuses the transaction because you do not have enough money in your account. How much insufficient fund fees (NFNs) should you be charged for this purpose? You have to be enough, don`t you? But if your bank is Santander Bank, NA, you could be charged two or even more in the coming days. The monthly fee remains the same, regardless of the activity in the account. The personal deposit fee plan contains a fee for “insufficient or unavailable balances – returned items,” which amount to $35. According to one note, “a maximum of six (6) item fees returned per business day may be charged.” “Item Returned” is unique, which some legal experts believe there can only be such a tax per item, with an item that is something like “December car credit payment”. In this understanding, the article remains the same, regardless of how often the bank decides to try. The pricing plan does not mention a “test tax” or “Retry Fee” or other similar taxes. Santander┬« Instant Card Hold blocks most types of transactions, including purchases with your card.

Please note that certain types of transactions continue to be processed, including recurring debit/credit transactions provided to us by some merchants for a monthly subscription or subscription fee. Sign up for Online Banking for no-fee paper statements, or receive paper statements for $3 per statement. Santander Bank, NA, was formerly known as Sovereign Bank. During the savings and credit crisis of the 1980s and 1990s, it developed by buying many other banks. Sovereign was not doing well during the 2008 economic crash and was suffering from losses related to his auto loans and shares in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Spanish company Santander Group already held a significant share of its shares and bought at the end of 2008 the rest of Sovereign, which gave its name in 2011.