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(d) At the request of the worker and with the agreement of the designated chief operating officer, opted workers may have downtime instead of overtime. (a) Persons employed regularly, less than 38 hours per week, may be employed part-time. The number of hours worked by these employees may vary from week to week, but only by mutual agreement between the worker and Optus. (a) the initial and final rules applicable to each worker`s normal working hours are first defined by management to take into account the different requirements of the company within the different workstations; these provisions may be amended by agreement between management and staff on each workstation. (a) 12-hour shifts may be set up by mutual agreement between Optus and its employees, provided that: salaries are paid by Optus for a period of fourteen days (except in agreement with the worker) in a bank account designated by the worker. Workers who, in accordance with item 18, carry out a partially tax-exempt classification are partly exempt each month. All hours of the week are divided between basic and non-essential hours. Peak hours are between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. All other times don`t have to be basic hours. Any changes to these basic work schedules and the end of basic working hours are only made with the agreement of the competent staff and management, but in all cases, the basic hours are not changed by a 12-hour range. (g) A worker may benefit from the unpaid nursing assistant leave provided by the NES or in accordance with Optus.

(i) a personal illness or assault affecting the member, or (a) a shift service is established by management on each site after consultation with workers who provide workers with at least seven days` notice of the rollover. (ii) a child, an adult child (including an adopted child, stepchild or former child), parents, in-laws, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings of the worker`s worker or spouse. Workers posted during annual leave are subject to a burden equal to the average shift workload for this year or a proportionate burden for all workers who have completed less than one year of this work. This consolidated contemporary fair price from the Fair Work Commission contains all amendments until October 31, 2020 (PR718951). A.5 The agreement may be terminated by Optus or by the employee: b) It is a condition of this bonus that no full-time worker be assigned to a full-time job unless he or she has written consent. iii) double time for the entire working time, if this work takes place on a Sunday;. Optus will review applications for paid and unpaid leave for other purposes. These applications are reviewed on their merits and as part of Optus` operational requirements. Optus is required to make additional pension contributions under point 22.2 to another pension fund chosen by the worker, optus must make the additional pension contributions provided for in point 22.2 and pay the Optus Supernuation Fund the amount authorized under clauses 22.3.a) or b).