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Now that you understand what`s good and bad about a prenutial agreement, you can better determine if it`s the right decision for you and your future spouse. Remember that you should only evaluate whether it is a good idea to make a deal based on your personal financial situation. No one else should dictate whether or not you need to have a prenup. It`s always a personal decision. Although a prenup is a binding contract, you can change it in the form of a post-termination contract if your situation changes. Howie warns that each state has its own interpretation and applicability of prenutial agreements, so please contact a licensed attorney in your state if you would like to consider this measure. Lawyer Michele Sacks Lowenstein of Lowenstein Brown agrees and clarifies three additional points that people should know about limiting this document. After all, it means you`re planning a divorce before you even say I`m doing it. Just point, but if you consider a prenoptial agreement as another item on your list of things to do financially, you can protect yourself from the worst-case scenario. If you plan to ask the question or have already become engaged, you should consider a prenoptial agreement, among other things. Deciding whether this is a good idea or not depends largely on your personal situation. What`s good for someone else may not be good for you. To help you determine if a prenutial agreement is right for you and your future spouse, you need to learn all about the pros and cons of a prenutial agreement before you tie the knot.