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We booked and paid the fares, hotel and Disney tickets on our first class visa card for July 2020 for me, my husband and two children. I am the first cardholder and my husband has a secondary card. With the spread of the Corona virus and Disneyland currently closed for the rest of the month. If this virus spreads and the theme parks we paid for are closed, what will my TD Visa Card cover? If we are not comfortable in July while traveling, even if the recommendation may have been lifted so far, are we only insured for the cancellation of the trip if there has been a recommendation on this destination? Why not close theme parks? Hello, my trip has been cancelled due to Covid19. It was booked well before March 13. I contacted 1-866-374-1129 and was told, “I am not entitled to a trip cancellation because the airline offers `credits.` I cannot claim the refund until the time limit for using my airline credits has expired (at the end of the year).” I have taken out travel insurance and I have a first class trip infinitely CC. Question: How can I get back the money I paid for the trip? I have the td aeroplan visa infinitely, but I used aeroplan miles and my Aventura visa to infinity to pay the tax when booking my ticket. I am not insured for baggage delays by my TD Card when I am. I guess that`s not the case, since I didn`t pay the $200 tax on this card? I`m still a bit confused, where I find myself with exactly some of the answers to the benefits of travel health insurance and trip cancellation/interruption insurance. There seem to be some contradictions. I would like to be very specific in my question. I am 66 years old.

I have a TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa card – no first class or platinum etc. Am I covered by both insurances for legitimate medical reasons and/or legitimate travel cancellation situations? If so, are there any other restrictions that could apply immediately or anywhere on the line – let`s say as an age limit? Thank you in advance for your reply. Hello Tze Man, For travel health insurance, since you are over 65 years old, you are only entitled to 4 days` coverage and you are not entitled at all if you have a previous illness that was not stable at least 180 days before your trip. The same goes for trip cancellation/interruption, your previous illness, if you have one, must be stable, but there is no age limit for trip cancellation/interruption. The circumstances covered include a sudden illness that prevents you from going on a trip, the death of you or your travel companion, jury obligation and more (you will find other circumstances in your card`s performance agreement) If a doctor advises you not to go on a trip, you will receive a note from them and you are also insured. All specific circumstances of coverage are described in the performance agreement. Apply by May 30, 2021 for a full annual discount1 for primary and additional cardholders for the first year and up to 60,000 TD1 points (a travel value of $300 USD if you book travel purchases through ExpediaForTD.com21) as follows: I. .

to have a first-class travel card. I have a flight to the United States on March 14, which I booked months ago. the Canadian government advises us not to travel abroad. If I decide to go, I still have the same medical coverage thanks to my Credit Card American Express Platinum insurance does not cover grandchildren, even we puchase children with AE I am endless with TD First Class I booked for a flight for me and my husband in Tampa Florida. We cancelled because Canada asked Canada to cancel all election trips….