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Shaw Academy is the worst. You took over $400 from my account. I clearly did not register and I did not participate. I tried to cancel, but if I call the number listed and insert my student ID directly from my account, it`s apparently wrong, so guess what doesn`t allow me to log in to the after-sales service and cancel payments. I will continue to fight and I will not let it stop. I ask everyone considering the Shaw Academy not to do it, not even a trial version, this whole thing is a big scam, I believe they changed their cancellation email in some areas to I do not know if they are responding to both, but this is the one I received an answer to. Instagram: payment methods. If a payment is not successfully executed due to expiration, credit shortfall or otherwise, and you do not change your payment method or terminate your account, we may suspend your access to the Service until we have obtained a valid payment method. You authorize us to continue to charge the payment method, as it may be updated, and you remain responsible for any amounts not recovered. This may result in a change in your payment billing data. For some payment methods, the issuer of your payment method may charge you a foreign transaction fee or other fee.

Ask your payment service provider about the details. Billing period. The membership fee for our service is regularly charged in accordance with your membership program. You will be charged for your payment method on the calendar day corresponding to the start of your paid membership. In some cases, the timing of your billing may change, for example. B if your payment method was not successfully settled or if your paid affiliation started on a day that was not included in a given month. We may try to collect a partial payment if the full payment fails. To apply for membership, please contact us at Hello VM, I`m sorry you`ve had trouble accessing your new courses and received so many insane emails. That`s certainly not how we want to feel! There must be an anomaly somewhere in your account. Please contact me as soon as possible so that I can personally ensure that these emails will be terminated immediately and that you will have the access for which you paid. My direct email address is “”. These Terms of Use, together with the Privacy Policy and cookie policy, constitute the sole and complete agreement between the Subscriber and the Company with respect to the Services and supersede all agreements, understandings, assurances, warranties, warranties or terms and conditions, both in writing and orally, with respect to the Services.

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