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Partners should cooperate with both a lawyer and a certified public accountant when establishing a purchase and sale agreement. Buy-sell agreements assure homeowners that they will be able to get paid if they want to retire. The agreement will define how their shares will be valued and the money from which the shares will be paid. Purchase and sale agreements serve as guidelines for friendly and less friendly business separations. In the event of a controversial business separation, they can save several times their costs in legal fees, management time and lost focus. If it`s worth saving a business, it requires a buy-sell agreement. 8.Tax issues. There are many issues relating to income, capital gains and inheritance tax that must be considered when deciding on the structure of a transfer of ownership required by the agreement. Ambiguities in a buy-sell agreement are usually a source of conflict about the procedures necessary for the occurrence of a triggering event and the value at the time of a triggering event. Accountants and appraisers can help identify valuation language issues and help business owners and their lawyer choose a more accurate valuation language. The alternative minimum tax (AMT) can be imposed on a company C in the event of a buy-sell agreement on life insurance income. On the other hand, owners are subject to personal AMT as part of a purchase-sale contract under an S Corporation, LLC or limited partnership and there is no adjustment for life insurance income.

It can be considered as a kind of pre-marital agreement between counterparties / shareholders or sometimes called “business will”.