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Except in cases where the accumulation of leave has been authorised or where leave is not granted due to requirements, workers must be entitled to leave for one year in that year and may not carry over the leave to the following year. As a general rule, officers, officers, confidential agents and security guards may not be members of a non-executive union and may not be represented by a union for the purpose of collective bargaining. At least two (2) IRC members represent staff on the Safety and Health Committee established under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994. Notwithstanding the provisions of this Section, the Bank may, at its discretion, provide better insurance coverage to its employees. The signing ceremony of the agreement took place last night at a prominent hotel where SCBA President David Ling Ee Kuong and Secretary Nurddin Awi signed on behalf of the federation, while SBEU President Hadiah Leen and General Secretary Law Kiat Min represented the union. Assures that Sarawak employees are not overlooked “We reiterate our call to SCBA member banks to be consistent and proactive in recognizing SBEU as the representative of all non-executive employees. When it comes to job enhancement, the differences between operational and non-executive officials are negligible,” Hadiah added. (vi) `weekend work` means work related to the opening hours of the Bank on weekends and not work which has been postponed from the previous day. vii) It is also agreed that the Bank will inform SBEU`s headquarters prior to the establishment of the weekend bank. The Bank will bear the costs of moving the employee`s personal belongings, including the spouse and children. The worker has a period of three years to exercise his rights. According to them, the banking sector is an excellent model to show that productivity, customer service and profitability are among the highest in the country due to a very strong union presence.

The syndicate may use, with the prior agreement of the bank, the bank`s black plates installed on the premises to transmit information to the employees. The agreement was signed between SCBA President David Ling Ee Kuong and Secretary Nurudin Awi, while sbEU was represented by its President Hadiah Leen and Secretary General Law Kiat Min. .