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624,310 (definitions for ORS 624,310 to 624,430) to 624,430 (payment of fees), 624,650 (inspection fee for mobile units) and 624,992 (civil penalty). The intergovernmental agreement must describe the powers, obligations and functions of the local health authority with respect to pricing, licensing, inspections, enforcement, civil penalties and the issuance and withdrawal of authorizations and certificates, standards of implementation by the local health authority, and surveillance to be carried out by the Oregon Health Authority. The Oregon Health Authority is reviewing the performance of the local health authority under an expiring intergovernmental agreement. The verification shall include criteria to determine whether the provisions of ORS 624.073 (revocation, suspension or refusal of licence) apply uniformly to all licensees under the jurisdiction of the local health authority. In accordance with Chapter 183 of the ORS, the Director may suspend or terminate an intergovernmental agreement under this Subsection. When the Oregon Health Authority suspends or cancels an intergovernmental agreement, the unused portion of the fees collected by the Oregon Health Authority pursuant to Subsection 2 of this Section shall be available to the Oregon Health Authority to fulfill the powers, duties, and functions set forth in this Section. For PDF copies of agreements or general requests for agreements, please contact: 5.