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The Agreement will continue until you or HMRC announce it or need to change it. You do not need to renew the PSA every fiscal year. Any gift or benefit granted to an employee and which relates to his benefit entails income tax and NIC liability that an employer cannot, in certain cases, pass on to a worker. In this case, an employer must cover this liability for taxes and NICs through a PAYE Transaction Agreement (PPE). If, after the beginning of the fiscal year, the employer may be required to declare certain positions separately. If PPE before 6 PPE is an administrative agreement that allows employers to pay taxes and NICs on behalf of their employees on certain taxable expenses or benefits, for example.B. employee maintenance and employee incentive bonuses, instead of returning them in kind on P11D forms or including them in the pay slip. To complete your PSA, follow the instructions on the form itself as well as on the PSA1 form and add your tax and NIC for each item. Any item that HMRC has refused if you have requested PPE must be notified in the form of P9D or P11D. Your PPE must be received by HMRC on or before 6 July of the tax year following the application of your PPE. For example, PPE must have been received for fiscal year 2014-15 before July 6, 2015.

Once a PPE has been requested and agreed, the PPE remains in effect for each subsequent fiscal year until an employer requests either to terminate it or to complete it. All changes to PPE require the employer to request it and a P626 is rewritten.