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Karnataka Discoms is in conflict with the electricity regulator over the price at which they buy solar electricity. Hughes Communications India said it had packaged contracts from power distribution companies in Rajasthan and Karnataka for the provision of satellite services. The Government of Karnataka (GoK) is a pioneer in the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for better governance and is at the forefront of implementing e-governance initiatives in the country. The Center for e-Governance (CeG) is a node established in 2006, under the Societies Registration Act, to drive e-governance policies and policies in the state. It is the custodian of the central infrastructure of e-governance and basic administrative reform applications that have been developed in the state. In fact, it is unique in the state, since it is placed in the Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (DPAR), which is directly responsible for the chief minister of the state. Over the years, the services of the CeG have proven to be very effective in realizing the benefits of information technology for the simple man. True to the ethics of the information technology sector, which requires autonomous functionality, the CeG extends its wings to various innovative projects aimed at strengthening citizens by supporting e-governance. The order is supported by an Electricity Reception Contract (ECA) that has been concluded with Hubli Electricity Suppl. has been signed. The distribution companies (DISCOMs) – Hubli Electricity Supply Company Limited (HESCOM) and karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL) have been ordered to pay AGEL the rate of ₹4.79 (~$0.065/kWh) for both projects, as stated in the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has approved at least one Wind Power Purchase Agreement (ECA) at the initial rate of Rs 4.50 per unit. 6) The relevant division does not guarantee the availability of these linked pages at all times.

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The following table lists information about different screen reader programs: Last update: 03-08-2020 16:53 Updated by: Admin Respondents argued that Adani does not need to wait for SPPA approval to request the transformation of the country. . . .