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Residents whose guests violate visitation guidelines are subject to the student code. University rules prohibit pets in all other campus accommodations. Fish in aquariums that are not above 20 gallons are however allowed as long as they are kept in a sanitary condition. Any resident who has a prohibited pet or who hosts a customer who brings pets to campus will incro our pet penalties, as described below. Students who reside in their parents` primary residence or legal guardians, within a 20-mile radius of the university, are exempt from the obligation to provide accommodation and food. Each student enters into a housing contract between February 14 and February 28 and does not retain their current space, they have the right to choose another room. Accommodation selection periods are randomly assigned within these groups: (1) Act/degree, (2) Senior, (3) Junior, (4) Sophomore and (5) Newcomers. See the accommodation calendar below. Students who enter into a accommodation and/or hospitality contract with the TU agree to remain in residence for the duration of their licence and to participate in the meal plan. All prices are based on the dates set out in the agreement. Those admitted on arrival earlier or after published dates are subject to daily expired prices.

Occupancy should not exceed the number of rooms that are one person per room. Residents are responsible for the electricity bill with PSO. Prices are valid per person for the summer. Residents residing in summer accommodation will receive a non-refundable municipal fee of $25 for the summer semester. Residents are responsible for the electricity bill with AEP/PSO in busy or summer camps. 1,000 DOLLARS Carpet Cleaning/Replacement Costs Pest Control Costs Accommodation Authorization Cost Arrival with full living/dining room expenses People who do not set their apartment on the date agreed to on the date set on their licence or approved in writing are valued at $200.00 per day. Individuals who do not take the necessary steps to obtain the correct cash register (i.e. return their keys to the residence staff in the manner prescribed by the closure and disposal of materials) but who evacuate their rooms/apartments on time will be assessed with an administrative fee of $25.00.