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Non-responsibility for support, compensation and safety. The use of an app or the integration of an application (including a ServiceNow application) into a ServiceNow product constitutes a modification or adaptation of that ServiceNow product by you for a subscription contract or other agreement between you and ServiceNow with respect to the ServiceNow product, and such an adaptation or modification (or malfunction or loss of functionality) is not guaranteed under a subscription contract. You are not entitled to assistance, service credits, refunds, service level agreements or other service rights under a subscription contract or other type of agreement regarding your use of an application, unless we expressly grant it under terms of application. The compensation or security obligations imposed on us in a subscription contract do not apply to applications you implement or use in connection with a ServiceNow product. LEGAL COMPLIANCE. The software may be subject to U.S. export control rules. Without prior authorization from the U.S. government, you cannot use the software for purposes prohibited by U.S. law, including, but not exclusively, the development, construction, manufacture or manufacture of nuclear, chemical or biological missiles or weapons. Without limitation of the above, you ensure and guarantee that: (1) You are not and do not act on behalf of a person who is a citizen, national or resident of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria or another country to which the United States has banned export transactions, or which is controlled by the Government of Cuba , Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria; (2) They are not in a country subject to a U.S. government embargo or described by the U.S. government as a “country of terrorist support”; and (3) They are not and do not act on behalf of a person or agency on the U.S.

Treasury`s list of nationals and blocked persons or the list of persons refused by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the unverified list or the list of entities or any other list of prohibited or restricted parties. , unless authorized by license or settlement. The Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy are the unique and comprehensive agreement between you and us regarding the website and merge all prior and simultaneous agreements, agreements, insurance and guarantees, written and verbal, relating to the site. In order to avoid any doubt, these Terms of Use are not a substitute for subscription agreements or other agreements that have granted you the right to use or access a ServiceNow product, unless these terms of use provide that the apps or other content of the website are not covered by the warranty or the right to support. , service credits. Refunds or other service rights as part of a subscription contract. Between you and ServiceNow, you retain all your rights, titles and interests and intellectual property rights over the electronic data you downloaded (except ServiceNow Core Technology) and User Technology. You heresafter grant ServiceNow an unlimited license, irrevocable, free, fully paid, sub-conceded, transferable, non-exclusive, global, copy, distribution, modification, derivative works, public display, production, use, sale, translation and disclosure of user technologies or data that you have downloaded pending non-production only for the purpose of making the non-production instance available.

As is used here, “user technology” refers to software, methods, models, business processes, documentation or any other material you have created, invented or otherwise created (except by or by ServiceNow) with or for use with the non-production instance, with the exception of ServiceNow Core technology.