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234. Deputy Judge Mattie McGrath asked the Minister of Justice and Equality whether he was considering reviewing and amending the Garda review procedure in order to find himself in a situation where persons controlled by Garda received a garda examination certificate that could be submitted for each organization, rather than requiring an applicant to check a certain number of periods during which he or she worked with a number of organizations; Why the Garda exam cannot be used for multiple organizations; and whether he will make a statement on that. [51774/18] The Act will provide a legal basis for mandatory verification of persons wishing to engage in certain activities or activities related to children or vulnerable persons or to provide certain services to children or vulnerable persons. The Assistant will understand that the main purpose of the employment review conducted by the Garda National Vetting Office is to ensure the safety of vulnerable children and adults, and that it is carried out by An Garda Seochna in the first place in accordance with the provisions of the National Veterinary Office (children and people at risk) law 2012-2016 and, as you will be, this is a very important task that must be carried out thoroughly and correctly. A relevant organisation registered in the register of relevant organisations designates in writing, in order to request and receive verification information in accordance with the law, a person (called a “liaison person” in the register of relevant organisations) who must be registered as a liaison person of the organization. A person registered directly prior to the start of Section 9 of the Act with the Garda Central Veterinary Unit as a signatory to an organization is considered a liaison for the organization in the register of the organizations concerned when the law comes into force. An application for reconsideration of an applicant`s disclosure is made by a liaison person for an organization in question. Common Agreements Section 12, paragraph 3, point A of the Act provides for a defence against any action against a “relevant organization” where it can prove that it has entered into a written agreement with another competent organization that provides that they conducted the audit on behalf of both organizations. The section sets out certain conditions as follows: Section 12(3) (A) of the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 (as amended) provides that two or more relevant agencies may enter into a joint written employment agreement, the conclusion, authorization or intermediation of an individual to carry out relevant work or activities, so that only one of the organizations is required to conduct a review of that person.