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With rugby enjoying record global participation, a fan community and commercial growth, the calendar aims to accelerate the competitiveness of international rugby through unprecedented and annual opportunities for the Pacific Islands, the United States, Canada, Japan and European nations, including Georgia and Romania. The first season of the World Sevens Series was the 1999/2000 season. International Rugby Board President Vernon Pugh, during the presentation of the series, described the IRB`s vision for the role of this new competition: “This competition has created another important element in the IRB`s efforts to make rugby a truly global sport, which is a sport with wide visibility and a constantly improved quality of sporting excellence.” [6] New Zealand and Fiji dominated the first set and reached the final in eight of the 10 tournaments of the season, and New Zealand narrowly won and beat Fiji by winning the last tournament of the series. [6] 23.4 Subject to the provisions of paragraphs 23.1 and 23.2, if a match cannot be launched on the scheduled date, it is considered delayed. Decisions on the length of the delay are made as early as possible on the day of the match and in agreement between the Host Union and the Host Union. After full consultation with the Visiting Union, the Host Union has the exclusive right to determine the date of the late kick-off. In the two international test windows, there will be tensions between the host and host unions. Due to the financial model of international rugby, where the host union retains all the goal revenue for a home game, the host unions will want to stick as firmly as possible to the original schedule. If some games cannot take place because of coronavirus, a revenue-sharing model may need to be implemented to keep the Union afloat.

The agreement concludes a year of constructive and collaborative dialogue between the unions, the main professional leaders of the game and the international round-trip journey between the point of departure and the place of arrival that must be [return] and the return between the point of departure and the place of arrival [ ` ] with a derogation authorized by an itinerary or itinerary. selected by [Visiting] [Host] Union [subject to the consent of [Visiting] [Host] Union; In October 2010, the International Rugby Board was awarded a five-year contract with HSBC, which granted them the status of first sponsor of the Sevens World Series. By the agreement, HSBC acquired the title rights for all World Series tournaments, starting with the Dubai Sevens on December 3, 2010. [2] HSBC has since under-licensed the naming rights of each tournament while retaining its nominative sponsorship for the entire series. A four-year extended contract was announced prior to the 2015/16 series, and this contract was extended to the World Rugby Women`s Sevens Series. [68] The tournament harnessed Asia`s potential to become the most-watched rugby event of all time, with more than 857 million viewers, a 26 percent increase over the 2015 edition.