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This contract is adapted to the safety requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is largely in the interest of society that the security services. The security services sector is regulated in the United Kingdom and companies must be licensed when operating in regulated activities. For more information on the licensing system, please visit the Security Industry Industry Association (SAI) website [see:] This should ensure that the company`s liability in the event of loss or damage to customer property only applies in the event of a proven default by its employees. The company should have appropriate liability insurance to protect it from this risk. Given the nature of this contract, the definition of customer ownership includes lost/damaged or unusable safety equipment. Given the relatively low fees charged to investment firms and the potential for significant losses resulting from their violation or negligence, these companies will refuse to assume liability beyond what they can recover from the insurance company. This clause therefore aims to limit the liability of the company, first by excluding liability for the client`s indirect losses and, on the other hand, by limiting liability in the event of infringement to an amount of three months` costs. Since the law does not limit liability in the event of death or injury, this risk is unlimited. It sets out the terms agreed between the company and the customer, with a brief unilateral agreement, as well as terms and a timetable, which are concluded with each order detailing the services and fees. This clause contains the default position for billing and payment. All special conditions should be included in the calendar.

Article 4.2 deals with additional services. According to paragraph 4.3, the customer must consult the invoices within 5 days. Section 4.4 provides interest in the event of a late payment. This law allows a company to claim interest at the interest rate set by the government, which is currently about 8% higher than the Bank of England`s base rate. Price increases are processed at point 4.5. In practice, it will be necessary for both parties to agree on an increase in royalties before they are applied. Since the company and its employees could have access to confidential customer information, the clause aims to offer a little comfort to the customer… Please note the standard exceptions to the right to confidentiality.

Please note that this obligation is mandatory for both parties. Who can use this service agreement? Any company or organization wishing to entrust services to another company, professional or individual contractor can use this model for service agreements. What is the purpose of this service agreement?… In point 16.1, the text specifies that previous agreements or agreements made after the signing of the contract are ineffective. “Additional services”: this may include security coverage required for unique events such as parties or presentations outside of the client`s normal working hours. The clause addresses a number of practical issues to ensure that company employees have access to agreed hours and how to manage the fire detector and other safety systems. In addition, the client is specifically required to ensure that health and safety requirements are met. In order to ensure the smooth running of the contract, the customer should inform the company of the names of the client`s senior managers authorized to give instructions to security personnel. In the security sector, it is not uncommon for customers to “pocket” individual security guards and thus impair a security company`s ability to work effectively.