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Ask the hospital or doctor if a refund is possible. If not, ask the local public health. An Australian citizen or permanent resident who has been in New Zealand for two years or more or who can prove that he or she intends to stay in New Zealand for two years or more is entitled to all publicly funded services and may register with a PHO and receive the same health grants as a full person. Many hospitals in Montenegro do not accept the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to prove that you are entitled to free emergency care. Australia has a mutual health agreement with the UK, which means that UK residents are able to get some health services free of charge while visiting Australia. If you are not eligible for publicly funded health care, you can continue to use these services. However, they usually have to pay for it. The government strongly recommends that you get comprehensive travel insurance with health insurance if you are not eligible for subsidized health care. A number of companies offer private health insurance that cover costs in the private system. You can decide how much coverage you want and what types of services you want to be covered for. Keep in mind that you must be entitled to publicly funded health care in order to purchase most private health insurance in New Zealand.

In addition, reciprocal health care does not always cover the total cost of hospital care. So she could get in real trouble if something happens. If you plan to live or work in one of the countries of mutual agreement, the information contained in the links below may not apply. Mutual health agreements are not enough for medical care. Your Local Public Health Authority (DHB) website will have a list of practices and their rates. You can also search on the DoctorPricer website. I ended up finding a company that made me rule out skin cancer that caused the high price, but which always covered another. No possibility, it would cause a problem because it had been completely removed, but the price was because it was not the first primary I had. Our private health for the uncovered state and also for repatriation, air ambulances, etc. If we hadn`t had this coverage, I would have just gone with the policy that offered the coverage I needed and at the best price.