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12. All disputes, disputes and/or claims arising from this agreement are settled by arbitration proceedings pursuant to or amending the Indian Arbitration Act of 1940 and referred to Shri`s exclusive arbitration…. or in the event of death, refusal, negligence, inability to act as an arbitrator for Shri`s exclusive conciliation…. The arbitrator`s award is final and engages the parties. (vi) Compensate the owner of third-party claims resulting from an accident caused by the vehicle in question until the vehicle is returned to the owner or purchased by the tenant under this agreement. 10. The lessor has authorized the tenant to register the vehicle in his own name, in accordance with the provisions of the Self-Driving Vehicle Act 1988 and the provisions contained in it, provided that the tenant entrusts that registration to the owner if he returns the vehicle to the owner in accordance with this agreement. Ben, the couple`s son, drives one or the other of these two vehicles from time to time. A career retirement plan would be an example of police custody. Many, if not most, companies charge a third party to manage such plans in order to recover payments from employers and workers, to invest the funds and to pay benefits. 11. The agreement determines whether the tenant files a bankruptcy or agreement with its creditors or, upon filing an application in court, for the tenant`s assessment as a judicial administrator or when appointing a beneficiary of the tenant`s real estate, or whether an application for seizure of the vehicle is filed by a creditor or another person against the tenant. 3.

Against the delivery of this vehicle to the tenant, the tenant has in advance an amount of Rs. ….. It`s paid for. as the first instalment on the rent (the receipt that the owner confirms attached) and will be occasionally to the owner in his place the sum of Rs. …. pay each month`s calendar as rent for the rental of the vehicle in question, the first payment on the …… Day of ………… and any subsequent payment on the ………… Day of each next month. During the continued hiring, the tenant has – 4. If the tenant correctly meets and meets all the conditions contained in it and must be carried out, he pays the landlord the amount covered in point 3 as well as all other amounts, if they are to be paid by the landlord to the landlord in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, the tenancy will end and the vehicle in question will become the property of the tenant and the landlord will transfer and make all of his rights and interest on the tenant to the tenant, but the tenant has the option to purchase the vehicle in question at any time during the rental period by paying, in a lump sum, the remaining amount of any rent amount and other expenses outlined above.

Until all of the above payments are made, the vehicle remains the property of the owner. With deposit contracts used for benefit programs, the custodian collects staff funds through regular wage deductions and invests the money; all fees associated with these agreements are generally less than the fees that would be charged to individual investors. Jack and Susan live in the suburbs. The couple shares two vehicles: i Do not sell, sell, mortgage, mortgage, sublet, lend or share with the possession of that vehicle, and do not allow the vehicle in question to be used, owned or immobilized by someone else, or to run for the use of another person. 5. The tenant may terminate the tenancy at any time by returning the vehicle in question to his place of residence at his own expense and peril.