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Work agreements help to achieve this by empowering the team for the behaviour expected of them. After working with “Old School” teams, if you have had a problem with a team member, you should go to that person`s manager and force him to behave in good behavior on that team member; in general, they cause tension. Fun Fact, I went with friends a few nights ago and two of them used to get into heated arguments about random topics. So when we drove, I explained the definition of employment contracts and explained how their behaviour concerned everyone else, we laughed, but we agreed, “no heated debates about friendly excursions”. It worked! There was no way out as they would agree on this! 😉 If you want to go further, you can create “off-piste” instructions, that is, the opposite of any behavior. For example, behaviour on the runway could be at the first opportunity of possible broken agreements. While “off-piste” behaviour would delay the communication of a possible delay and allow the problem to manifest itself. It`s a great way to focus the conversation on what`s called non-constructive behavior. Creating team agreements offers a number of advantages. It also shows your commitment to the well-being of your team and is an effective team building activity that encourages each team member to participate. As a Scrum-Master, it is essential to re-enter it to see if something changes within the team (a new member joins the team or leaves, a global pandemic, etc.) or if you notice a behavior or activity that appears to be “off” with the team. This is the first of nine articles that address the processes required for any effective development team.

Stay tuned for more details! I`m a Scrum Master, so I`m probably a little biased when it comes to the usefulness of work agreements, but it really helps to guide all stakeholders. It unmasks embarrassing topics or Pet Peeves that some team members might have, while ensuring that the voice of each team member is heard in relation to the “how” they like (and want) to work together. It`s honest and transparent, and it`s something the team should reconsider all sprints. Team agreement is an effective way to address these issues. If you develop a number of team agreements on how you want to work when difficult problems arise, you are much better equipped to deal with the challenges that arise.