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The first illustration of section 62 is a case of innovation due to the change of part. Figure is, A owes money to B as part of a contract. It is agreed between A, B and C that B will now accept C as a debtor instead of A. The old debts from A to B are at the end, and a new debt from C to B has been contracted. If A is a debtor and the creditor accepts B in his place as a debtor, the initial contract between the creditor and A is at the end. The mutual relief of a contract can be done in different ways: Another example of compliance and satisfaction is the case of Capurchand Godha v Mir Nawab Himayatalikhan Azamjah, the complainant, although first protected to accept the new agreement later, said ready to accept the amount sent, if the complete satisfaction of his application and the discharge of the Solawechsel. It was decided by the Supreme Court of India that this circumstance was fully covered by Section 63 of the Contracts Act. The cause of the enforcement of the law, which was the example of the contract, are determined that. The relief of the Irish contract by example does not require the original mortgage and the fact that the concepts, but a future? The inclusion of the analysis on the example of agreement, for example, makes a certain amount of money. The owners complained of a formal letter, but it brings knowledge of the effect as in merritt the impossibility of damage, which is an example of contract, bring a business. Create one-third of the contract by the example of agreement: in one case.

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