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You acknowledge and consent that you cannot use the Service in a manner contrary to the Terms of Use, AWS Customer Licensing Conditions, Media Temple DMCA or any other agreement we have established at our sole discretion. AWS Terms of Service – These additional conditions apply to the use of certain “Documentation” services refers to developer manuals, start-up manuals, user manuals, user manuals, manuals and other technical and instruction manuals, and service specifications in, as this documentation can be updated by us from time to time. A “personalized service” refers to any technological element called “unsured” in order, “unique” “not by default,” “non-compliant,” “end of life,” “eol,” “personalized service.” unless the order or other written agreement has expressly been the subject of a separate agreement: (i) custom services are provided as IS, (ii) ClearDATA is not required to provide support for personalized services, and each support for personalized services that may be provided is provided under the name IS; (ii) ClearDATA is not liable to you for losses or damages resulting from the provision of personalized services, iv) the SLAs do not apply to personalized services or other aspects of the services affected by the personalized service and (v) the personalized service does not fall within clearDATA or BAA`s obligations to compensate. You recognize that custom services may not cooperate with standard service elements such as backup and monitoring. The terms of use below govern your use of the Services. The wholesale terms that are used in these terms of service, but are not defined below, are defined in the AWS customer agreement or any other agreement with us regarding your use of the Services (the “Convention”). For the purposes of these terms of service, “Your Content” includes all “company content” and all “customer content” and “AWS” “Amazon Properties.” (b) You are responsible for providing end-users who use Contact Lens for Amazon Connect with appropriate legal information on data protection and obtaining the necessary approval from these end-users for the processing of contact lens content and the storage, use and transfer of contact lens content, as described in this section.